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I made this page based on one of Shimelle's starting points: [] and for the Glitter Girl travel challenge… this is one of the first pages I've scrapbooked from our 2012 trip to Japan, so I haven't told a lot of the stories yet, but I know that there are other pictures of the town of Takayama (where this was taken), so I wanted to focus my story here on the specifics of the street & the feeling I remember from taking the photo… I didn't remember the name of the special wooden house district, so I looked back in a Japan guidebook from our trip for the spelling & some more details. That's a strategy I use frequently and highly recommend - a lot of the guidebooks contain little details and historical notes I typically enjoyed at the time we visited & they helped add meaning to my experiences of the sites, but I've usually forgotten a lot of those details by the time I go to scrapbook the photos. As a related idea, you could actually write up the guidebook description if you didn't have any journaling you wanted to add of your own!