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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

this pic of my dd is one that i love; it was snapped just recently while visiting Balboa Park!. :)

i used odds and ends of pp from my BG stack. since i have 2 or 3 inched strips of BG, i traced: 1.) oblongs and a wavy cirlce- to create the bloom; and, 2.) letters- to create the title "BLOOM"
also have bits of apple green cs where i copied a certain font (from a magazine) and wrote "where you are planted" (believe me, i had to struggle with this--- i have been a "straight" scrapper eversince and wanted so bad for the letters to be in a perfect straight line SO i had to lightly margin the strips before writing on them then later erased the pencil marks... LOL) :d

finally, i decided to doodle along the bottom since the page was too "blah"--- i am not sure if i like it though! oh well..........

thanks for looking! :)