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Thanks for looking! Journaling: You looked so lovely and angelic in your christening gown, it is almost hard to imagine that this wasn't my original plan. You see, I had ordered you a beautiful custom made heirloom gown before you were even born. I had hoped it woiul dbe a gown that could be passed on if you ever had a daughter of your own. But when it came time to try it on, it was just huge and swallowed your tiny body. So at the last minute, Grandma Julie and I searched all the local boutiques. I finally found this gorgeous white organze gown and fell in love! When I tried it on you, I knew it would be perfect for this very special day. I even immidietely ordered a custom made headband and had it delivered overnight. And once again, my original plan didn't pan out. The headband somehow got crushed in transit and I had to attempt to make my own. Guess what? It turned out more beautiful that I had even hoped for, as you can see in these pictures! I almost think it was God's way of telling me to just chill out and relax…because no matter what you wore, it would be breathtaking because of the special baby that was wearing it! He was right.