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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I'm not too happy with this so far but I willperfect it eventually. Here it is anyways.

Hidden Letter reads:
Dear Hailey,
I am writing this letter to you right now and you have just
turned 3 years old. I am writing this for you to read when you
are much older. This is to tell you all my feelings for you.
I just want you to know that you mean everything in the
world to me. Ever since the first day that I looked at that little
pink line on the pregnancy test you were wanted and loved more
than life itself. I may have been only 18 years old and way too
young in everyones eyes, I knew I was ready for this life changing
experience. I was willing to makes changes and sacrifices for this
brand new life inside me. If you would have asked me a year
or so earlier if I planned on having any children anytime soon I
would have said no without any hesitation. It's amazing how
everything can turn and flip upside down without any notice. How
things that were never that important before turned into those things
that you can't see your life ever being without. These are the things
that you have done for me. These are the changes that has affected
my life for the best.
The day you were born was the happiest day of my life. The
whole 9 months I was pregnant I wondered if I was going to be a
good mom. If I was going to be able to make all the right choices.
If I was going to able to make up in love what I lacked in
experience. I knew that you would be the most important thing
that ever happened to me and the biggest responcibility ever in
my life. Everything I do and say will reflect back in you as you
grow up. Well the anxiety I felt was relieved when I held you in
my arms for the very first time. I knew then that I would be the
best mom and even though I would make mistakes, I knew that
together me and you would make it through everything. I would
have to learn most things along the way and that was all O.K. with
me. You were worth it to me to do anything in my will to make
the perfect life for you.
As of today I have had 3 wonderful years with you. I have
enjoyed every second of it. You have taught me so much and showed
me how it feels to be truely happy. I have got to experience the
wonderful love between a mother and her daughter. I have got to
watch you grow up and watch as you learn new stuff everyday.
Watch as you develope into a beautiful, smart, caring and truely
loving young lady. You are the sweetest little girl in the world and
I love how much compassion you show for everyone at such a
young age. You care about others so much. I hope that is a quality
that you never lose. There has been times that I felt pretty down
and you were the one there givng me hugs and kisses and telling me
you love me. You are incredible. Amazing, perfect,wonderful. There
isn't a thing that I would change about you even if I could. I see
myself as the luckiest person in the world having you in my life.
I'm just writing this to you Hailey for to be able to read in the
future and know what you really mean to me. And all this will
never change no matter what. And I really mean no matter what.
I willalways support you in all your choices. You changed my life for the
best and made life beautiful for me. I will always be there for you
and I LOVE YOU with all my heart and soul. Just one last thing.
Thank you so much for just being you!!

Love Always and Forever,
Your Mommy