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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

this is for Cheryl's 3-product Technique challenge #3 and for my LSS' monthly challenge (talk about hitting 2 birds w/ 1 stone!). thanks for the clever ideas, C! ;)

my 6-year old dd is a voracious reader. 2 months prior to the end-of-school, she started reading chapter books BUT she was never really this engrossed in a particular "book series" until she started reading Magic Tree House books just a few weeks before school ended this year. now, just hafway into summer, she has already read ALL the Magic Tree House books and can't wait for a new release.

thus the journaling: (quite long)
It all started just a few weeks before school ended this year (June 2006). The obsession. The extreme fascination you have for Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House books is simply astonishing! We went to pick up a few books from the library one day when you saw some Magic Tree House books on a shelf. I thought you would check out just a book or two since these were chapter books. I was absolutely wrong! You wanted to check out 7 Magic Tree House books all at once. I wasn't expecting you'd finish reading them in 3 weeks; being summer, I knew you would spend more time playing. I was just flabbergasted when you read 3 books in one day!!! "How could that be?" I asked while we were getting ready for bed one night. "I read 'Earthquake in the Early Morning' as soon as I woke up then I read 'Stage Fright on a Summer Night' while we were waiting for dad and I just finished reading 'Good Morning, Gorillas.'" You nonchalantly replied. I was rather worried that you didn't quite understand the stories but when I asked you to summarize the books for me, you did it with such ease and confidence. The following night when I checked on you, I was hoping you'd be sound asleep by 10 o'clock. But what do I see instead? A girl, still propped up in bed, eagerly trying to finish "Night of the New Magicians" that she began reading right after dinner. When I told you to go to sleep, you said, "Mom, it's the last chapter. Can I just finish this? 10 more minutes, mom, please?" --- ok, so I had to give in. What ever shall I do with this Magic Tree House fan? Oh, for the love of books!!!

quote reads: "A book is a garden carried in a pocket." ~Arabian Proverb

thanks for bearing with my long-winded journaling. lol thanks, too, for taking a peek! :)