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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I've been dying to participate in Gina's sketch challenges and jumped when I saw #4 posted today. I used Gina Miller's Bulletin Board Kit and Gina Cabrera's pink paper from Shabby Cottage.<br><br> Journaling reads, “These two have always had a strange relationship. I think Sebastian resents Kenzie for taking his only child spot away and Kenzie doesn’t quite know what to make of him. Kenzie is finally about his size and is able to stand her ground much better than she used to, so she’s starting to take a liking to him. I found her petting him while watching TV one day and then just yesterday she was brushing his hair in the kitchen. I had always hoped that they would become the best of friends one day - it just might happen afterall!”<br><br>