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I started this layout the week that Katie was born and even had the journaling done, but I didn't quite finish it until today (almost a year later). So glad to finally have it done. Paper and elements from Gina Cabrera's Baseball Dreams Kit.<br><br>“Mackenzie was in love with her baby sister from the first moment she laid eyes on her. The first time she heard her cry, she yelled for us to help her. She loves to help with diaper changes and to give her a pacifier when she cries. She gets so giddy when we let her hold her and she wants to see her the minute she wakes up in the morning. She can’t go to bed without kissing her goodnight and she loves to tell people that she is baby Katie’s big sister. I couldn’t be more proud of how well she takes care of her.”<br><br>Thanks for looking! Heather<br><br>