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When I realized our Katie was 11 months old today, I had to snap some quick pics of her before she left for school this morning. Paper, frame, ribbon and alpha are from the new Ghoulish Delight kit and grunge overlay is from the Girly kit - both at heatheranndesigns.<br><br>“I can’t believe our Katie bird is 11 months old today. I stood her up in the driveway to take a picture of her before leaving for school and she took off like a tightly-wound Matchbox car, cackling and pointing at everything all the way. She absolutely loves being mobile! I think it’s the feeling of independence it gives her - that she can go anywhere she wants and get to just about anything. She tries so hard to go as fast as she can, too. It’s like she’s in a race with herself, and she’s getting really good. Her teachers say that the faster she moves the wider her legs get - it’s just the cutest thing. It won’t be long before she’s the one doing the chasing, I‘m sure.”<br><br>Thanks for looking!<br><br>