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I just had to scrap these pics of Kenzie and her little buddy, Lizzy. All paper/elements are from the Just Peachy Kit - DDE Virtual Ink CD.<br><br>“”Kenzie was so excited to have her Aunt Sheila and her dog, Lizzy, come stay with us for a few days while Uncle Jerel was out of town. She seems to enjoy Lizzy so much more than she does Sebastian. It’s probably because Lizzy is just a tiny little thing. Kenzie has never been afraid of Sebastian (goodness knows she’s tried to ride him like a horse more times than we can count), but I think she still knows that he is much bigger than her and so she leaves him alone most of the time. When Lizzy is over, Kenzie is all over her the entire time. Mooshing her face into hers, talking baby talk to her, trying to pick her up and carry her all around the house. Lizzy is still very much a puppy and Kenzie loves all of the excitement she stirs up as she runs through the house with her collar ringing. It’s so cute to see them play together. I just hope someday she will be able to play the same way with our big moose of a dog, too."<br><br> Thanks for looking! Heather<br><br>