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I wanted to get some thoughts down on what it's like being Kenzie's mom right now - the good and the bad. My husband snapped this pic of us playing in the backyard this past weekend. Paper is from Jen Wilson's Comfy Pajamas pack, inked edge is from the DDE Virtual Ink CD, and font is CK ShuShu - designed by my friend, Susan.<br><br>“I want you to know how much I love you, my big girl. You are a strong-willed, independent, drama queen with so much personality and so much energy - I really wouldn’t want you to be any other way. I see so much of me in you. The last few months have been really tough. You argue everything we ask you to do and you love to push our buttons. You keep us up all night and you whine more than any other human being we’ve ever seen (aside from your sister), but you are the light of my life - I hope you always realize that. I know I get upset with you and that makes you upset, but it’s only because I want you to be the best you you can possibly be. I love you, sweetheart!”<br><br>Thanks for looking! Heather<br><br>