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I don't get on scrapping rolls like this very often, so I'm trying to take advantage of whatever creative steam I may have left in me - lol. I couldn't help but scrap Katie's first black eye from a couple of days ago. Poor little crazy girl. Gina's So Blue Kit off of her Virtual Ink CD was just perfect.<br><br>“My poor, crazy little Katie bird. I wish I could say that this black and blue eye is the first bathtub-related accident you’ve had in your short life, but I think it’s #3 in the last week. You are so excited to get in the tub with your sister, that you start splashing around like a complete maniac and then you throw your head underwater and start trying to blow bubbles. You moved so fast in the water, that we weren’t able to catch you before you wacked your little cheek on the metal bathtub stopper. Believe it or not, you didn’t miss a beat, you kept splashing like crazy and looked at me like I was nuts when I freaked out over it. As much as it scares me, I can’t help but love your crazy zest for life.”<br><br>Thanks for looking! Heather<br><br>