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I've been dying to scrap this cute lil pic of Katie in the tub for awhile now and was SO excited to see that Gina's new Bubble of Fun Kit (DDE) was perfect for it.<br><br>“Katie just loves her nightly bubble baths in Mom and Dad’s big bathtub. It is always the perfect cure for her nightime restlessness after dinner and before we put her to bed at night. Kenzie tends to splash her quite a bit, but Katie is learning to do quite a bit of splashing on her own these days. She loves it when we hold her up and let her legs swim free underneath her, and she doesn‘t mind a bit when we wash her hair (unlike another little girl we know). She’s such a little sweetheart all wrapped up in fluffy bubbles. Love you, baby!”<br><br>Thanks for looking! Heather<br><br>