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I took this pic for a photo challenge on another site (to photograph your favorite color) and thought it would be fun to scrap it for my about me album. Alpha and paper are from the How Old Are You Kit at heatheranndesigns and the circle brush is from the free Dots&Daisies Kit.<br><br>“I’ve never been much of a ‘girly girl’. I grew up a tomboy and now live for jeans and comfy shirts. I don’t think I owned a single item of pink clothing until sometime last year and over the past few months my wardrobe has exploded with shades of cotton candy. I’m not sure if my two little girls have me hooked on the color or if it’s the overwhelming amount of pink I see in stores when shopping, but I just love wearing it. Maybe it’s my inner girly girl trying to get out, or maybe it’s just the new ‘in thing’.”<br><br>