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Just some fun pics of Kenzie running wild in the yard this past weekend. Paper, title letters, and flower eyelet are from the new Sweet Stuff Kit at Digital Design Essentials - coming very soon!<br><br>“The weather had finally hit fifty degrees and Kenzie was itching to get outside. Tom and his Dad were working on the basement bathroom, while Kenzie ran laps around my office next to them. “I’m running, I’m running!” is what she chanted over and over. I decided it would be better for her to burn some energy outside, so I suited her up in her winter coat and let her run wild in the backyard. She ran to the end of the lot and back, then climbed up her rock wall and went down her slide about ten times, and then ran to the back of the lot and back to the swingset for more climbing. This continued until Katie woke up and needed to be rescued, about twenty minutes later. Soon the weather will break for good and we can spend our entire weekends playing outside. I can’t wait! 4/2/05”<br><br>Thanks for looking! Heather<br><br>