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Straight Pins are such a fun and delicate accent to add to a page. I had a lot of fun playing with my stash of decorative pins, for sure. I love the homemade look that pins add to a page. They don't overpower, they compliment. You know when you have a page that just needs a little something more? How about a pin! Here are a few ideas for you, so break those pins out!&#xD;
On Page 2 you can see that pins were used in two different ways, 1) to accent the ribbon strips and 2) as an embellishment on the cardstock sticker. Page 3 shows a close up of the ribbon border. To make this border I cut ribbon pieces in varying lengths, then pinned the pins through. Next I used glue dots to actually attach the ribbons. On Page 4 you can see how a pin was used on the title cardstock sticker. It was the perfect little punch this sticker needed.&#xD;
A couple easy ways to poke the pins 1) Use a mouse pad underneath to poke the holes through or 2) Gently bend the sticker and poke the pin straight through. Both of these ways make it easy to get the holes in the right places. &#xD;
A third way to use straight pins is in a shadow box display. They can be worked into the design of the layout and hold it in place all at once! Page 5 shows the layout inside the shadowbox frame. Pages 6 &amp; 7 show the pins up close. Heidi Grace makes some straight pins that are actually shorter in length. They worked perfectly for this display!&#xD;
Decorative pins are probably thought of as a feminine accent. But, look at Page 8! Around the Block makes some decorative pins that are masculine. Page 9 shows a fourth way the straight pins can be used, woven through the spiral holes. Just use glue dots to adhere the pin onto the background. &#xD;
And a fifth fun way to use decorative pins is to pin them right through a photo! This works well with a photo that has a lot of open space. It worked perfectly on this photo of my son on Page 10. I added a few embellishments (title and ribbon ruffle) and now it's the cutest little photo on my bedside table.&#xD;
A bonus: use straight pins in your glue bottles. Not only do they look cute, they keep the bottles from clogging up!&#xD;