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Give a Cheer
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This is the album I created for my mother who's health is failing. The album is 8x8, making is an easier album to handle than the 12x12 she currently has. Also, when the time comes and she needs to be hospitalized, this size album will be small enough to be portable so she can have it and her family with her. The pictures are listed in the order in which they appear in her album.

The idea behind the album was a Hodge-Podge-Collage, meant to keep her mind working and thinking and spark memories for her of those particular persons. There is no real &quot;design&quot; theory here, only stimulation for her mind to help keep it active. There were some inclusions to help with minor forgetfulness (ex: the birthdates of each person and their names).

For this album, each member of her family was asked to give three words that best describe themselves, their birthdates, and any nickname that Mom may have for them. They each sent in pics that I used (some I had to chose form several submissions). I also added embellishments that coinsided with that person.

Included in this album are her 4 daughters, their 4 spouses, her 9 grandchildren, her 3 step grandchildren, her unofficially adopted daughter, her exhusband (and father to her children) and her ex's wife (of 20+ years that now over time they have ALL become very close friends), her adopted mule from the local animal refuge, her recently deceased beloved dogs, and her current best 4 legged friend. All those who love her and went out of their way to help make this album possible for her.

as a footnote:

a VERY SPECIAL thanks to all that helped with this album including those here on sb.com and my friends on the trade thread. Look closely and you will see a mixture of the items we've traded, you've sent for me to use, and the reason behind some of the partials I had listed. There were things that, without a lot of you, this completed album wouldn't have been possible as shown. Thanks to ALL that had a hand in it's making.

Sorry for the bad pics on a couple - Mom's scanner was down and she wasn't parting with it for me to scan back home here.