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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This layout was completely inspired by FLTripletMom's layout. I love how it turned out. Journaling reads:

Every since I was little I have been ARTISTIC. I love to paint, draw and color and not just in paper. I have painted the walls of a whole room with zebra prints. I discoved scrapbooking in 2003 and it has helped me unleash my creative juices into my passions: pictures and art.

I have always been MATURE for my age. I could understand about life and death way before my friends did. It is true that, while growing up, most of my friends were younger than me and that made me look MATURE for my age. The things I do and the way I think are a clear sign of maturity.

Even though the word AUDACIOUS is not often associated with a girl, I am definitely fearless. I am not scared of heights or darkness or scorpions or snakes. Actually, I strive in what other people normally fear. I don't mind the darkness, I love heights, and I'm not scared of any animals, big or small.

If you asked anyone who knew me to descrive me in one word, RESERVED would be their first choice. I'm a very quiet person who loved to listen rather than talk. I can have fun without opening my mouth. It also takes me a while to trust people and be comfortable enough with them to talk openly with them. After I make friends though, shyness is the last thing on my mind.

I am INCOMPARABLE because God made me. There is no other person in the world who looks or thinks exactly like me. God made me the way I am-faults and all. That took me a while to realize but now I'm sure that I am unique.

Loyalty is a trait that I admire in any individual and I have strived to achieve it in my own self. I'm LOYAL to my family and friends, and even those I don't know very well. I'm 21 years old and have only had a couple of friends. It is such a small number that can they can be counted with only one hand. I keep in contact with most of them and talk to them often.

I am YOUNG, not just in years but I also look younger than I really am. When most people ask me my age, they are shocked when I say that I am 21. They say that I look like I am 17 or 18, or maybe even younger. I even had to show an ID when I bought cough medicine for my brother about 4 months ago!

I have been hearing my entire life how SMART I am. I did pretty well in school while growing up. I can learn things easily and fast. I do not like to brag about it but God has given me a good brain and I hope I can make good use of it.

Thank you for looking!