Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a LO I made and framed for our cousin who is adopting a baby from China this month. I used bazzill cardstock, MM quotes, MM ribbon, and MM eyelet. Teh fonte is Liberate. The poem reads

God sends us many precious gifts,
But there none that can compare
With the wonder of our baby
Who's the answer to our prayer.

The sparkle in those almond eyes
Is like the twinkling stars at night,
And the smile on that moon-shaped
Face is like sunshine's golden light.

An angel child with raven hair
And tiny little nose.
Skin so soft and perfect
As the petals of a rose.

No miracle's as wondrous-
Not trees, nor sky, nor sun-
As this "little bit of heaven," and
Our new life that's just begun!

the tag reads the name they gave her then underneath it her chinese name and underneath that her birthdate. I am giving it to her tomorrow. I hope she likes it. TFL! :)