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Used Brads, primas, DCWV paperTHE BLUR Emily knew just what to do this Easter. After being left in the dust last year by the older girls, Emily started off with a plan!! When the back door was opened up, and the girls emerged, three of the girls went to the right to scan the yard and see what they could find, but EMILY turned left, and started collecting the eggs!! She wouldn’t stand still for pictures—hence the BLUR!! She gleaned eggs from all the bushes, plants, and planters. While the other girls stopped to giggle over their finds, Emily pushed ahead, and continued to gather the eggs. In a lot of the pictures of the other girls, you can see Emily in the background moving as fast as she could go—picking up eggs in the process. When it was all said and done, and we counted up the eggs, EMILY had gathered many more eggs than the other three girls!! All because she had a plan—and quick feet!! She’ll NOT take a back seat to anybody.