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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a LO for my DH. He always complains that I ALWAYS do LOs of the kids. Yeah, I guess it does kind of work out that way.

The colors are off a bit, the inking on the tags doesn't show at all.

Journaling reads: 1. SILLY~You always know how to make me smile!
2. PLAYFUL~how you are with the kids and as a father.
3. IDIOSYNCRASIES~genealogy, Stevie Nicks, and CARS!
4. SWEET~You still like to hold my hand.
5. THOUGHTFUL~You are always there for me.
6. JOY~You have a great smile and a wonderful laugh!
7. Vision~You help me view the world differently.
8. SIGH~sooo handsome and such great eyes!
9. GENTLEMAN~ You still hold doors for me.
10. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE~The way you love me!!