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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling: Wow, what a week! This week we finally had our big u/s to find out if you two were boys or girls. Daddy and I were beyond thrilled to find out that you are two beautiful little girls! Iíve always wanted to have two girls, and I canít believe that itís actually going to happen! Daddy is very excited as well and now refers to us as his girls. He talks to you all the time now and it seems like finding out what you are has made things so much more real. We already call you by your names, but those are going to be a secret until youíre born. I already went shopping with Grandma and she bought you your stroller and both of your bedding sets. Weíre so excited to get started on the nursery and I canít wait to see you both in it! 7/27/06

Kit: Whimsy Style by Sarah Batdorf (c) 2005
Font: Greg's Hand