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as kelly turns twelve this weekend,I had a need to go back to the simpler days! :)<p>journaling reads:<br>Kelly was such an amazingly busy little girl!By the spring of 1998 she was already almost finishedwith her first year of preschool where shewas quite the social queen with her bestfriend Sarah G and the boyfriendnamed Jack that they both shared. Therewas always a story to be told when I’dpick her up from school by both Kellyand the teacher. I think she was aconstant source of entertainment for allthe adults. Always so much to say andonly nearly three years old.<p>Background paper, overlay, postage stamp and vintage framefrom Letter Box Gardener Kit<br>Botanist Notebook Collector Cards No. 1 <br>Drop Shadow actions<br>Stitching Holes Brushes<br>Mixed Stamped Alpha<br>Pressed Petals No. 2<br>tab from Orchid Row Kit<br>Large paper mat from Butterfly Whispers<br>all designerdigitals<p>font: olicana<p>tfl–katie