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journaling reads:<br>when I was pregnant with you I knew I was having a girl. Not because the doctors told me, I just knew in my heart. And nine months later there you were. I dressed you in the cutest clothes and took hundreds of pictures. Everyone said enjoy these times because they grow up so fast. okay, sure, whatever. And I was enjoying those times as I watched you grow up so fast right before my eyes. In kindergarten you told me you had your own style that was different from mine and you wanted to express yourself. I was crushed, my days of dressing you were fading. But even though you had your own style you would say you wanted to live with me forever, even when I was a grandma and when I explained that you would have your own husband then and need your own home, you said that I really needed a husband too so you would share yours with me. Thank heavens it won't come to that! But your heart was all about giving to me and luckily as we near the end of your elementary school years, it still is. You are still my mini me and are still a very giving child whose heart is always thinking about others. I hope youalways remember to think about other people's feelings and give from your heart as you grow up and away from me into your own person. love you.<br>always, mom<p>Everything from my new Botanist No. 5 set<br>except the numbers at the top<br>they're from Ledger Stamps<br>and the ‘u’ is from Aged Alpha<br>all at designerdigitals<p>TFL–katie