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Thought I'd share a Baby Shower invitation, that started out as a joke, but turned into kind of a funny invitation. DIL is having another baby, and it's another girl, so she already has a lot of girly stuff, so I thought I'd throw her a “Pooper Party” and everyone bring a package of diapers. I decided to try using newborn diapers as the invitations, and bought some tiny Pampers. Then I had a brain burp and thought it would be fun to throw a “Pamper the Mommy” shower. So… THe diapers have an invitation inside with all the info, and then I just used transparencies with the “You're Invited” on the front and the mailing addresses on the back. I took them to the PO and they actually mailed them with no envelopes! So… Everyone wound up getting an actual diaper in their mailbox! I thought it would be fun to melt a little chocolate (or shlocklate as my grandaughter says <g>) inside each diaper, but at the last minute scratched it cuz I didn't want to take a chance that the PO wouldn't mail them. Anyway…Everyone got a kick out of receiving a diaper in the mail. BTW… Did you know that you can send pretty much anything through the mail? I've sent blown up Beach Balls, Whoopy Cushions, even a Rubber Chicken to my friend for his birthday~! That was pretty funny cuz he said when he went to his mailbox, all he saw was the chicken feet sticking out and thought it was REAL LOL! hehehe… Fun times…