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Just a quick page I did of my DH :) He doesn't find this picture too amusing, LOL!Journaling: That look… It is a look I see often. It is one of slight annoyance when I ask you to do something. You are usually working at your laptop or doing something else of great importance when this happens. The request may be to help with the dishes, put the kids to bed, or fix my scanner that is acting up again. I ask, and then you slowly turn your head towards me and give me that look. A stranger may think that you are staring at me like you are crazy…why am I interrupting you for something so trivial? But, I know that this look is a part of you. I ask, you give me that look, and then you continue to sit there for a minute or so. Sometimes you torture me with endless questions about why I need you, and other times you sit there in silence. After a minute or so, you always get up to help. Sometimes you grumble all the way, but you always get up off that chair. That is one reason why I love you so much. I ask…you help. I guess you really do love me more than I can imagine.