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I knew that I had a lot of blossoms but I didn’t know how much until I finally gathered them and put them all together! Yowzers!! I had them in all their original package/containers, etc and storage is a problem since I don’t have the room to display pretty glass bottles/jars on a shelf, etc like everyone else does. So compactness is the key for me. <br><br>#1) Most of my primas were group buys so I only have a small portion. I’ve been keeping them in small ziplock bags and then encased in a 9x6ish sized clear sterlite flip top case. This works well for me and I’m going to keep it like this. Haven’t decided if I want to move everything out into the embroidery floss boxes like I have for all the others. <br><br>#2). I use the glass Cookie Jars that I found at Target/Walmart for my bigger flowers, i.e. HS large blossoms. I really dislike the reach and grab method, but this is the only way I know how to do store the multitudes of what I got. Another alternative would be to store these BIG Blossoms in those Target document boxes, which a friend of mine does, but wouldn’t work for me due to the sheer amount of my inventory. <br><br>#3) Another idea I had was to move my blossoms to empty CD cases like this. But again, due to the volume of my inventory, I quickly figured out that I’d have to spend a small fortune in empty CD cases vs the $1.99 I’d have to spend for a few more embroidery floss boxes. I also figured out that if I stacked these inside one of the drawers of the Target 4 drawer cubed units, I would only be able to see the tops of the CD cases, and not inside the flowers. Thus, having clear CD cases would defeat the purpose. <br><br>#4) Another problem with the clear CD cases is that I have too many of some of my blossoms, so the CD’s wouldn’t stay closed on their due to petals bursting out. <br><br>#5) Here is my neatly organised embroidery floss box with all my felt flowers. I have another 2 boxes full of hydrangeas, and a 4th box full of daisy blossoms. I have yet to decide if I want to store my smaller prima blossoms like this too, or to keep them as they are pictured in the first picture. <br><br>Total cost was (5 cases x $2 each = $10) and (1 cookie jar x $5 = $5) = $15 for flower blossom storage. These boxes will stack nicely in my expedit cubed shelves or in my Target cubed shelf.