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I've been accumulating alot of quickutz and sizzlet dies due to all the clearance sales lately and I've quickly outgrown my current storage which utilises baseball card plastic holders and slide mount plastic holders that are easily available at either Staples or Walmart. The holes and pages were beginning to tear under the weight of all that I had. <br><br>#1) I did look into using these 4 drawer Eldon shelves (you can find them at Staples or Office Depot, etc). that someone else had posted here at 2peas. They were great for the Sizzlet dies as you can see, but were not as snug of a fit for my QK dies. The deal breaker was that these couldn’t hold my Cuttlebug dies. Because the entry end of each shelf was curved at the bottom, it didn’t allow the long Cuttlebug dies to sit straight. I had to lean them over to the side, which wasted a lot of space, in order for them to fit. The 2x4 QK dies had no problem fitting by the way. <br><br>VERDICT: eh, didn’t work for me. But supercute!!! <br><br>#2) I looked into both wooden, plastic and metal mesh office desk and/or utensil organisers (found at Target, Walmart, Office Supply Stores, etc). Many of them were too wide to hold any of the dies, or the unit themselves were too long/big to fit into any of my intended drawers I already had at home. This is an example of something that DID WORK. It worked great for ALL of the die sizes including QK 2x4 dies and the Cuttlebug dies. Sorry my picture doesn’t include the dies sitting inside so you can see. <br><br>VERDICT: passed on this because once you get everything loaded up, the unit is too heavy! <br><br>#3) These are the plastic utensil organisers (that can be found at Walmart, Container Store, Target, etc.). They are oblong and have lips that will connect to each other. I found these (see next picture for UPC Code) at Target for approximately $2 each. They fit perfectly sideways (4 to a drawer) in my Sterelite plastic drawer units (the unit that has 3 drawers). <br><br>VERDICT: ALL of the dies, QK dies, QK 2x4 dies, Sizzlet and Cuttlebug dies all fit inside these oblong utensil drawer. These are what I settled on because they didn’t had too much weight like the metal mesh containers did above. Also they fit perfectly in my Sterelite plastic drawer units. So this is what I’m going with. <br><br>So far, I’ve got 15 alphabets and tons of Sizzlet/QK shapes all in 7 of these oblong utensil drawers. And all 7, with one more to grow into, all fit inside 2 of my Sterelite plastic drawer units. <br> Total cost was 8 oblong drawers x $2 each = $16. A better deal than the magpie system I think.