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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

On this tag is a casting using toilet paper!! LOL.. for real...seen this in a book or magizine and came home and tried it... You take 2-3 pieces of TP (if thick I used 2) and wet the TP, squeeze out the excess water then, gentley spread it over the stamp and kind of pat it down with the palm of you hand... I also kind of work the paper inbetween the image definitions. I also continue to add some water until I get the image how I want it. make sure you define the edges well around the image along with the side of the stamp...this makes it pop out more. I make mine defined to the edge of the wooden part of the stamp. This will allow you to have more to work with with you go to cut it out if you want to do that. So... that's it... then place it in the good ole sun for quick drying... Try it out... it will add a different texture to you tags, lo's or cards. I am sure you can add color if you like to... you might try chalking the paper the wetting it and then putting it on the stamp or watercolors...(oh that is a good idea...I just thought of that...need to go try that today too) LOL....OK... have any questions... PM me!!