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i think i jumped the gun wednesday when i posted the layout i quickly created documenting how smoothly the morning bus pick up went for joseph because the afternoon drop-off was a nightmare!! he fell asleep on the bus and missed his stop! this layout details the ordeal. sorry about length of the journaling, but this is one of those "scrap the story" layouts...

(Lenghty) journaling reads...
Well, I knew things were going too smoothly for Joseph’s first bus experience! Joseph made it ON the bus the morning of his first day of first grade without a hitch. That was much easier than expected, I’m thinking to myself. I even completed a scrapbook layout about the great bus ride he had to school while he was in class and patted myself on the back for recording the memories so quickly while all the details were still fresh in my mind. “The true test will be when our son makes it OFF the bus all by himself today” Phil comments. Perhaps it is a premonition. “Nah, he’ll do great!” I reply.

Well…at 3:15pm, Thomas (3 yrs.) and I walk two houses down to the corner which is Joseph’s bus stop. We’re ten minutes early. We wait for what seems like an eternity. It’s 3:40. No sign of the bus. Thomas is tired of waiting for his brother in the blazing sun and starts asking for a drink. I hold him off as long as possible until he’s had enough and starts running back to our house. I look down the street again. Still no bus. I think, okay, we’ll run inside the house, grab Thomas’s cup, and come right back.

Not a good idea. I hear the bus pull up to the stop while I’m at our front door. I turn just in time to see the bus approach the corner, the bus doors open (like the driver knows a child should be getting off), but no one gets off of the bus, and then the bus doors close and the bus continues down the street. It takes a minute for this to register in my mind…wait, bus, STOP! Where is my son???? Why didn’t he get off the bus? Wait…did he even get on the bus? Or is he on the wrong bus? Or is he still at the school? Or did he get off at the wrong stop? How can I contact him? What if he got off at the wrong stop and he’s lost and crying? What if mean people find him? I start to panic. I look at the time. Phil should be on his way home from work. I call his cell, but get his voice mail. I leave a desperate message. He soon calls back. I tell him to drive straight to the school to see if Joseph is there. I’m repeatedly calling the bus garage, but either getting no answer or a busy signal. Minutes seem like hours. The school office staff has no clue where Joseph is, but helps Phil continue to call the bus garage repeatedly. Finally they get through. The bus staff initially says that Joseph was dropped off at his bus stop, but when Phil adamantly tells them that cannot be true b/c his wife was standing there and no kids got off, the garage puts Phil back on hold. In the meantime, the school office calls a girl from the bus route who lives in our neighborhood and she says she saw Joseph on the bus SLEEPING!!. He missed his stop because he was asleep! Thank God my baby is okay! And thank God he was asleep for most of the ordeal. About this time the bus garage makes contact with Joseph’s bus driver who confirms that he is on the bus. Shortly after 5pm, over 2 hours after school let out, the bus pulls up to our corner, opens the doors, and this time he gets off! What a huge relief. I hug him so tight for so long.

Through teary eyes, he looks up at me and says "Mommy, I woke up and got scared because I didn’t know where I was. I asked the driver a question, but she didn’t hear me. I started to cry and thought this was a dream."

{It may have seemed like a dream to you, darling, but it was Mommy’s worst NIGHTMARE!}