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Here is the story: (journaling). I wrote the journaling first for an essay that's going on my church's blog in honor of Grandparents' Day. But I knew then I was going to also scrap this photo somehow.My grandmother, Helen Dill, is 90 years old. What a privlege it is to still be able to spend time with her! It is very sweet this year, because I have known since February that next month, I too will be a grandmother.>> Grandma was always looking out for the needs of others. It started when I was a born, 3,000 miles away from her in Georgia. She hopped on a plane and was there before I came home from the hospital. Throughout my childhood, even though she was working as a nurse, she took care of my brother and me whenever my mom needed her help. She has always been one others could rely on for help as well. Even a few years ago, when my mom had surgery, Grandma was the one who came and took care of her until she was better.>> Grandma has also amazed me with her acceptance of everyone. She may not approve of some things people around her are doing, but she just loves them with kindness. At times, as a younger Christian, I thought she was too accepting of others. Now, I realize that it is Christ's love she is showing them. She is one of the finest Christian women I know.>> Although she has been legally blind for more than a decade, until last year when she moved into assisted living, she had someone take her every week to the women's Bible study at her church. She would increase her knowledge of the Bible simply by listening to women, some only half or one-third her age, discuss what they had learned by actually doing their Bible study.If I should suffer in my old age from the macular degeneration that blinded her and her mother, I will know exactly how to keep "reading' the Bible.>> And even if my eyesight stays with me throughout my life, Grandma will be a role model to me in so many other ways. I hope to be for my grandaughter half the grandma mine has been and continues to be for me.>> Ellen Porter>> Photo caption: Ellen Porter on July 18 took her grandmother, Helen Dill, to a church near Grandma's home in Fresno.>