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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

I don't have a picture of my Great Great Aunt Mary. Nobody does….I still haven't had time to track her descendants to see if I can find her family to get a picture. I did find the 1880,1900 and 1910 census reports with her in them. I found out that after living in NY and moving to Butte, Montana that she became a Bookbinder. I have always collected books and always been an avid reader. Now I make scrapbooks and have made small albums myself using bookbinding tape. On this layout, I made a library card and then made a bookmark to go in it with journaling on it. I wanted a very booky feel. I had a ton of fun making this layout. The journaling reads as this- Mary Agnes Toohey 1877-1918I have always collected old books. At first it was just for the various rich colors that old books had. They matched my antique décor and brightened up any shelf. Then as I started to look through them and felt the thin, aged paper and read the random notes scrawled throughout them I felt a connection to these old relics of the past. I touch each page and wonder who’s hand held each book? What kind of person read this story? I feel the history of the age-old binding and tattered yellowed papers. Come to find out, Mary, my Great, Great aunt was a bookbinder in the year 1900. Did she also have a love for books? I wish I knew, I wish I had some insight into her. I don’t have a picture of her but I do have a picture of her in my mind. Of her with the Toohey family chin, fair Irish skin with a spattering of freckles and blue eyes with a spark to them. I see my Irishness in her and I see her hands working hard binding books, day in and day out. I hope she loved books, as I do…I feel that connection to her and the past and I hope I got my love of books from my Great, Great Aunt Mary.Enjoy!!