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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

One of my favorite pages. <br>Text reads -<br><br>Child Like Faith<br>In the car, on our way to Nani’s house.<br>Noah: Mum did Nani used to give you roti when you were little?<br>Mum: Yes she did.<br>Noah: What kind of food did she give you?<br>Mum: Oh, all sorts. Lots of curries and roti.<br>Noah: Did she give you ice-cream?<br>Mum: oh yes!<br>Long pause….<br>Noah: Mum? Where was I when you were little?<br>Short pause…<br>Mum: arh… you were not born yet.<br>Pause…<br>Noah: Where was I? What do you mean ‘born’ what does <br>that mean?<br>Mum: um… it means… coming out of mums stomach.<br>Pause…<br>Noah: So I was in your stomach when your were little?<br>Mum: arh, no… you were not in my stomach.<br>Noah: Then where was I?<br>Mum: You were in God’s mind.<br>Noah: I was in God’s mind? Whats mind?<br>Jacinda: How about me! …..(baby talk)…. Gods min?<br>Noah: Jacinda, be quite, I need to talk to mum. Be quite Jacinda (said in the most intense and serious voice!)<br>Mum: (giggling) Jacinda, let Noah talk please.<br>Noah: So Mum? what do you mean God’s mind? Whats mind?<br>Mum: He was thinking about you and he wanted to create you.<br>Noah: Create?<br>Mum: Yeah! He created you in my stomach.<br>Noah: Whoooa!<br>SUPPLIES:line paper and stylized dandylion overlay from Safari Street kit; flower from Forecast kit; heart spray from My Sister. My Friend kit; Syrins Essential Stitches; Distress Brush Set - 02(retired)