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(Posting for a thread on GS)<br><br>All of my stamps go into a CD case with the plastic insert removed.<br><br>To organize them so I know what stamps I have, I stamp each image in the case onto a 4x6" index card and assign the case a number. The number goes on the top right corner of the card, as well as on the spine of the CD case. I store the cards in a 4x6 photo album. Then, the CD cases go into a regular CD storage tower. The one pictured has doors, but I have another that I plan to move my stamps into that spins.<br><br>Alphabet stamps are stored the same way, but they are separate in their own system (you can see them on the bottom right of the tower pic).<br><br>I am working on cataloging my stamps by subject in a separate system. I'd like to be able to look at, for example, all of my Christmas stamps at the same time. I will stamp the images on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper and store them in a binder.<br><br>Oh, almost forgot… The clear plastic tub with the blue lid is my most-used clear embossing powder. When I'm embossing, I can curl the piece of paper into the tub and use a plastic spoon (a small one from an ice cream shop) to apply the powder. Then, I tap the paper and the excess powder falls back in. So much easier than getting the powder back in those little jars!<br><br>Thanks for looking! :)