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Journaling: After my contractions continued to get stronger I finally decided to absorb the guilt and call the Dr even though he said it was normal. He was able to fit me in Monday afternoon at a moments notice and I didn't even have to wait. He did another u/s of my cervix and another FFN test which he will repeat every two weeks or so just to be forewarned of potential preterm labor. Luckily despite all the contractions, which are now getting a bit painful my cervix is continuing to hold firm at 3.4cm. YAY cervix, way to do your job! I feel much better about things and my Dr reassured me again that this is normal and I shouldn't worry. He said since I'm on the thinner side I may feel things more than normal as my uterus is already stretched and right out there on the surface. He said that I should continue what I'm doing and if at any point I ever feel worried or like things aren't normal to just come in and he'll do an u/s to make sure all is still well. I feel so much better knowing that I'm not a bother and he's willing to make sure I feel comfortable with how my body is reacting to the pregnancy. 8/17/06

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