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Journaling: Last week we attended our first class at the hospitalů the breastfeeding class. It was so wonderful and I would highly recommend it to any mother. It made me feel so incredibly empowered as a woman and a mother and I know that I will be able to push through any of the obstacles to give you girls the very best. It also helped me to know a little more what to expect especially if you two end up in the NICU, but we're praying that won't happen! I'm really starting to feel the weight of you girls now. My tummy seems to grow by the minute and I'm really noticing how hard it is to do basic things like stand up and roll over in bed. I know it's only going to get worse, but it's crazy to think that I already have enough weight in my uterus to be about 34wks pregnant with a single baby. Every second of it will be well worth it when I can hold you girls in my arms! 8/25/06

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