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One of my roommate's ancestors: AROUND THE WORLD VOYAGE CLAIMS TWO Dateline: September 1857, Atlantic OceanA North Carolina man was reportedly swept overboard and presumed dead when the ship he was on was hit by a violent storm in the Atlantic Ocean.John Salter Martin, 34, son of Captain Silas Martin of Wilmington, North Carolina was on an “around-the-world” voyage on the elder Martin's clipper ship when the storm hit. Martin's sister, Nancy had recently succumbed to an illness on the voyage and died May 25 onboard. The Martin's had not been able to bring themselves to bury her at sea and instead, placed her body in a chair and tied her to it, placing the chair in a cask of rum and whisky in the ship to be buried after their arrival home.With the death of John Salter, Captain Martin cut his ill-fated voyage short and returned home to Wilmington to bury his daughter.