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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Good morning! A quick layout I did last night trying to make the deadline for the the kids call…I am not sure if my email even went through, so alas, i am posting it here.:) This is my Dh (the little guy) and pwrshopmom's son..aren't they cute>?! journaling reads:Skate shoes. Heeleys to be exact. The perfect gift for the new 6 year old on the blcok. Now all you needed was to figure out how to use them. Chase was the perfect coach. After all,he knows all the cool tricks AND he's 12. Who could be better? I was amazed at how patient he was with you, and even more amazed at how intently you listened and followed every direction he gave you. I know you wanted so bad to be able to do the fun tricks he was doing, but learning just to roll was a challenge that needed to be mastered first. Every day you have been prACTICING, and I know that before long you will be flying around giving me a heart attack with every new jump and trick you learn. pwshopmom did a layout last night with the same was fun to see our different take on the subject!:) thanks for looking! Miley