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My dh and took a trip to NYC in Jan. I had fun putting together this 8x8 album. I used 3x4 pocket pages as well for this first time which worked for all the memorabilia we collected.journaling reads:Friday, Jan 10We took two flights going through Denver. The second flight was delayed an hour so we didn?t land at LaGuardia until 6pm. We waited in a 20 minute line to get a taxi to midtown. We stayed five nights at the Hotel Mila which is on 44th street between 6th and 7th. After settling in, we decided the French Bistro next door was the best place for a meal. I tried rabbit stew for the first time ? excellent. We liked our server Alexander and had a short chat with him about being a waiter in Manhattan.Saturday, Jan 11We added an extra day to the front of the trip so Joe and I could spend the whole day together. We walked around locally through Times Square and over to Rockefeller Center. We saw the ice rink, the fountains, and Radio City, but no Liz Lemon. A hot dog at a vendor was our lunch. Our one art experience was the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). It was crowded from the start and only got busier as the day went on. We started at the top where I saw my favorite painting - Starry Night by VanGogh. I liked many of the other paintings and Dynamism of a Soccer Player by Umberto Boccioni really caught my eye. The art got more modern and less interesting as we headed down floor by floor. After two hours, we were tired of art. Next we walked north to the southwest corner of Central Park. We saw some of 5th Avenue and FaO Schwartz. I took video of the giant piano. We walked a bit through the park after telling about 15 guys that we did not want a carriage ride. We walked to the entrance of the zoo and headed south again past The Pond which was partially frozen over. It started to rain harder so we stayed in our room for awhile.It really rained that night. We looked for a local restaurant and chose a Thai place called One Thai Chef. We enjoyed a nice meal of calamari salad, pad thai, thai shu mai, and red curry. It was still raining hard so we stayed in and read.I walked 5 miles today.Sunday, Jan 12This was the first day of Joe?s show. He left very early and we planned to meet in the mid afternoon. I wanted to shop at Macy?s. I headed slowly in the direction of 34th street, walking through Times Square and past the Empire State Building on my way there. The store was huge. I kept taking the wooden escalators up and up until I reached the 9th floor. After walking through most of the departments, I bought a sweater for myself and Christmas ornaments for Sara. I bought a slice of NY pizza and ate it back in the hotel room.I planned to take the F train from Rockefeller Center to Delancy Street. Halfway there I noticed the train was not headed in the right direction. It turns out the train goes a different route on Sundays. So I got off at Canal and walked east through China Town. That was a fun walk. I ended up at a Starbucks and waited for Joe. We took a tour of the Tenement Museum. The Hard Times tour covered the history of two families who lived in the building in the 1860s and the 1930s. I enjoyed seeing the inside of this original building and our tour guide Emily was extremely knowledgeable. We walked around the Lower East Side neighborhood and ate at a nice German place (Café Katja) for beer, sausage, sauerkraut, and meatballs. We got a taxi back to the hotel and then had some drinks at two local bars. One was an expensive themed bar where we didn?t stay long and the other was a much nicer quieter hole in the wall that had more reasonably priced drinks (for New Your City that is).I walked 8.5 miles today.Monday Jan 13Joe left early for the show. I took the 1 Train south (after getting on the wrong direction for a stop) and headed all the way down to South Ferry at the tip of the island. I wanted to find the Skyscraper Museum but the internet on my phone wasn?t working so I headed north. I walked on 5th or 6th or Broadway and crisscrossed through side streets. I saw Trinity Church and its cemetery, the 9/11 site, Wall Street, SoHo, NYU, Washington Square, a farmer?s market in Union Square, TriBeCa, and Madison Square Park. As I walked towards midtown I noticed little things: the nannies and their babies, the nicely dressed men in a hurry, the hipsters in SoHo, the artist in Starbucks, the dogs being taken to the few parks that exist, the way no one obeys the crosswalk signals, the large amount of swearing. I also noticed the large number of chain stores and tourist stores. There did not seem to be a lot of unique places to shop.After a long walk, I made it back to the hotel and took a rest. Joe came back after a long day at the trade show. We picked a little Italian place (Nino?s) and ate lasagna, salmon, and a really nice soup. We then walked over to the play ?It?s Just Sex? playing at the The Actors Temple which was an excellent and thought provoking show. We ended the evening by walking through Times Square while it was dark. I walked 11 miles today. Tuesday Jan 14Joe decided to go to the show late so we had breakfast together. We were going to explore north. We took the 1Train up to 96th street. This was Joe?s one experience on the subway. Since I went the wrong way the day before, I knew where to go now. We walked to towards Central Park and walked through the park south past the largest lake. We saw lots of older wooden playgrounds. It was raining pretty hard so the park was quiet. After a bit, we left the park at 70th and had a coffee. We separated here. He headed towards the show and I continued south. I walked across the park to the Frick Museum. I knew it would be busy but the line outside was two blocks long at 11am. I changed my mind, went one block over to Madison Ave. and walked past all the ritzy shops: DKNY, Chanel, Llardro, etc. They were all complete dead. I found St. Patrick?s Cathedral and didn?t realize it was undergoing renovations. It was completely covered inside and out with scaffolding. I saw part of a mass, bought some items at the gift shop, admired its beauty, and headed bad to the hotel. I had lunch at the deli down the street and ordered a corned beef with Swiss. As I was eating, three women from Times Square dresses as Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Strawberry Shortcake came in for lunch. They left their heads in a corner and ate from the salad bar. This would only happen in New York. The rain got heavier so I only explored the M&amp;M and Hershey Stores before going back to the hotel for the rest of the afternoon.Joe came back from the show around 6 which gave us enough time to change and walk over to The Book of Mormon at the Neil Simon Theater. It was sold out and our seats were far left. It was an excellent, and total raunchy, show. Not quiet worth the ticket price, but still a fun experience. Afterwards we had a late dinner at nice sushi place (Aoki) and each ordered two rolls. I walked 10.5 miles today.Wednesday, Jan 15Only half a day left. Since the first day, we wanted to visit the top of 30 Rock and see the skyline. Between the bad weather and Joe?s show, we had to wait until the last day. We got up early and we were at the top by 9am. The view was fantastic and after five days in the city, we could identify some of the landmarks. It was still overcast and we couldn?t see the East or Hudson Rivers or New Jersey. The far north part of the park was overcast.We headed down and weren?t sure what to do with our last few hours. We walked by the Today Show and saw a small number of people viewing it from the outside. We decided to take a look. Kathie Lee and Hoda were going to come on at 10am. We saw them and were about to leave when an assistant of the show came out and asked if anyone wanted to play a trivia game on air and possibly win $100. About 20 people raised their hands and followed him over to the NBC Store. He explained that Kathie Lee would come over and ask up to nine people a trivia question that had something to do with tea or T. He quickly picked a couple that had been waiting awhile and a girl from New Zealand. I said I was from California and got picked fourth. Kathie Lee came over asked me a sports trivia question. By process of elimination, I picked football and won the $100. Only three of the seven people asked got their question correct. That was a fun way to end our trip.All that was left to do was pack our bags, check out, and take a taxi back to LaGuardia. Our planes were on time and we connected through Chicago. The last leg was really long and we were glad to get home and see our boys again.I walked 3 miles today.