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My boys are in love with each other. Will just adores his daddy, and I don't think I can scrapbook it enough. Will waits all day to hear the sound of the garage door opening, and when he does (and he often hears it when I don't) he immediately stops what he's doing, drops his toy, stands up, throws his arms up in the air and RUNS at me, shouting, “Da?!…Da?!” It is then my job to pick him up and carry him into the laundry room where we'll stand in the doorway and wave at Nic until he drives in, gets out of the car, and is ATTACKED by Will for hugs and snuggles.<p>Supplies: digital kits<p>I couldn't find a digi kit with the muted tones I was looking for, so I made my own using several of Anne's kits. I started with the kraft paper as a background and then went to IMAGE>HUE/SATURATION and slid the SATURATION slidebar to the left to tone down the colors. <p>I did the same thing with the green polkadot paper for the Free and Breezy kit and the striped notebook paper (which I then rotated to provide the diagonal stripes).