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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Alright, This one needs some explaining. My very very good freind elliot is currently in the hospital with leukemia. This was a pretty big shock to all of us, since hes 23 years old.

Now, hes fully expected to make a full recovery. They caught it realy early, and the doctors agreed that he was the healthiest leukemia petient any of them had ever seen. Bizzarly, if not for the cancer, he was in perfect, flawless health. They hope he'll be back to work this winter, and he'll be home from the hospital (hopefully) in one to 5 weeks from now.

This page is of a day his fiance and I went to the mall, and got him toys, since his main complaint is that hes painfully bored. He got a stuffed big snake, a shark toy that bites, a purple monkey, and another, smaller stuffed monkey that screetches when you throw it. We figure hes sure to get prompt attention from the nurses with these.

No, actualy hes much too nice a guy to do that, but he did start useing the shark toy to grab things he cant reach.

My goals with this layout were to convey the uncertainty and the edge of this encounter, be respectful, and commemorate the incredible strength hes shown through this whole ordeal.

Oh! the quote on top! that may require explaining!
Given how well elliot handeled all this, and his complaints were pretty much all of boredom, one of our freinds made him a...relevant card. On the outside it read "Were sorry your cancer is boreing" and on the inside "so, to liven things up, we've infected this card with the bird flu!" with a little cartoon birdie smileing at him and giving him the thumbs up. He loves that card, and points it out to everybody who visits him.