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Journaling reads: I love red roses. Amazingly long stems, huge blooms, deep red are my absolute favorite. I think it’s hereditary. My Mamaw loved roses too. She had porcelain and silk ones all over her living room and rose bushes all over her yard. Why do I like them so much? Well, they are just beautiful for one thing. The smell, the way they look, the velvet feel of the petals, I love all of that. It makes me think of how amazing God is to create something so beautiful and perfect. Another reason I love them though is that my husband sends them to me. He is the only one who has ever given me roses and he never misses a birthday, anniversary, Valentines Day or any other occasion. He has been sending them since we were dating. When those days come, I know flowers will appear without fail. Does it make it any less exciting that it’s not a surprise? No. It makes me feel so pampered, loved, and special. After 21 years together, I still get just as excited when the florist shows up. It means so much to me that he knows how much I enjoy them and therefore wants me to have them. I even remember one Valentines when he sent two dozen and our third wedding anniversary when he sent three dozen for three years. Back in 1990 when my grandfather was sick in the hospital, our home had been flooded by a broken pipe and work was especially stressful, I returned from having lunch with him only to receive a dozen roses that afternoon just to cheer me up. He is amazing like that. He knows me completely and makes me feel cherished by his actions. The roses pictured here were for our wedding anniversary this year. It was our 18th and they were just as special to me as that first dozen back in 1985. Journaling 11/3/05 PP is BG black tie, CS is Bazzill, title hand cut, slide holder stamped with stazon. Thanks for looking! ºÜº