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These photos are my best picks from 2008 for various reasons. I get around a bit, so 4 countries are represented here ending in my home town (Home is always the best place to be!<br><br>1. Statue at the Chattapur Mandir Temple in Delhi, India<br><br>2.Pillars at the Qutb Minar, New Delhi, India. I like this one because of the DOF I managed to achieve (by accident!)<br><br>3.The Taj Mahal,Agra, India. You can't really beat this, it is one of the Wonders of the World after all! This photo was taken from the side through an archway.<br><br>4.Snake Charmers, Jaipur, India. That was as close to that snake as I was getting!<br><br>5.The Jal Mahal (Lake Palace), Jaipur, India. This was my first attempt at serious digital editing, I added an action (Orton-ish)which I think gives the photo an ethereal look.<br><br>6.Workmen on scaffolding, Royal Palace, Jaipur - I liked the composition of this one, but mainly it was chosen because of the Indian version of scaffolding!<br><br>7. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria - more digital magic using Orton-ish action.<br><br>8. Child on Swing, City Park, Sofia, Bulgaria - not my greatest photo ever, but I managed to get a good action shot of the child up in the air, would have been even better if I'd managed to get closer, or had a better zoom. This was one of the last photos that I took using my old camera.<br><br>9. Squirrel in Austin, Texas, USA - this wild squirrel was surprisingly tame, and patient in allowing me to get so close and photograph him multiple times!<br><br>10. Sunset over Largs Bay, Scotland. Taken on December 28th 2008, and yet it looks like a Tropical sunset! The islands in the background are Cumbrae & Arran.