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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Created using PSE2, the Grass, Sand And Sea ecut purchased from Designer and Nantuket ecut purchased from

I loved coming home to this house. It was on a corner lot. My favorite approach to the house was up a winding little street that climbed through Goodrich Heights. As the car swung around a steep curve, our rock wall would suddenly appear in its path. Beyond that, our rock garden, and further still or house perched on the top of the hill. There were other houses around, but none of them had the dramatic approach that ours had.

We ownedhalf the block - 4 building lots - so our house was on 1 street and our garage on another. We had a 50 foot covered brezeway connecting
the house to the garage. There was a 3rd street running up the side of our land, from which passersby could see the whole back yard, all the gardens, and the breezeway. From the street,
our home looked like a well manicured estate.

Each halloween, we would have some trick-or-treaters come to the kitchen door after they had come to the front door because they were so confused about the layout of our property. We would joke with them about it and give them more candy.

In 1984 and 1985, we had been married and homeowners for less than two years. We both loved our home, and spent all our free time on weekends gardening. The first flowers we planted
were gloriosa daisies, which I call brown eyed suzies. I planted seeds and was excited because I had never before grown flowers from seeds. I picked brown eyed suzies to remind me of my
sister because whenever we saw them by the roadside, we would point them out to my sister and say they were named after her.