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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This house was my beloved home from 1983-1992. We had to leave it behind when my husband went into the ministry. Though I hated living in Maine, it was very hard for me to give up this house. I left it believing that I might never again have a home that I loved so much, which was for me a terrible loss, because 'home' means so much more to me than a structure. You can see that I was willing to give up something that was so important to me for the sake of my husband's calling. And God saw that too. I prayed, 'God, please give me a new home. It doesn't have to be as big and fancy as the one I had, but I need a place where I feel safe.' So God rewarded me with a new home. It was a simple five room ranch house, barely big enough to carry us through our days in seminary, but affordable on my income without help from my husband. And now, if you look through my home album, you will see that it has become a wonderful sanctuary where I spend all of my days in security. I love it so much, I feel deprived being in hotels when we are away from home. God knew what was important to me and rewarded me for sacrificing to do His will. If you want to follow this thread, I invite you to look at my home album, where you will see the sanctuary God has given me. I have carved a wall plaque that says in Chinese "Tian Tze", which means "God's Gift." All the Chinese people who pass by find it confusing that a white family has that hanging on their house.

Created digitally using PSE2 and the Grass, Sand and Sea Ecut purchased from Designer Digitals.