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Even though ABBA was a little before I appreciated good music, the “Mamma Mia” soundtrack helps me appreciate it now. It is probably the most played CD in my car - can't get enough! “Chiquitita” was a song I played a lot after my boyfriend broke up with me, it helped me get out of bed. And my bed is not a place that I eagerly get out of! Journaling says: “My bed is absolutely perfect - my pillows, my duvet, my feather mattress - I love it all! I could spend all day in my bed. And I have… when Micah broke up with me I was so sad, all I wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep. Despite the comfort of my bed, I had to get up and get out. I had to move on - life goes on. So I left my comfortable bed behind and got on with my life. I met new people and let my heart heal. But only because I knew I could come back to my bed every night.” “Chiquitita” is a great song to listen to if you have a broken heart. PP is Chatterbox, ribbon from Joanns. Thanks for looking!