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One of my favorite bands is No Doubt, I think Gwen Stefani rocks! Their song “Underneath it All” fits in my soundtrack because it's a happy song about finding the person inside and not just seeing what's on the outside.I used one of my not-so-hot looking photos. The journaling says "I've never thought of myself as gorgeous or even beautiful. I've always laughed when guys tell me that I'm beautiful. I'll settle for believing that I'm cute. But I do believe it when people tell me I have a good heart… I think I get it from my wonderful paretns. I've had people I really respect tell me what a good heart I have and what a good person I am. I'm no saint, that's for sure, but I do care about people, am honest, and keep a positive attitude. I take pride in the fact that inside I truly am a good person, and others around me recognixe that fact. I may not be the most beautiful on the outside, but underneath it all I'm amazing. And that's where I should be looking in other people too.PP is all KI and some Bazzill cardstock. Thanks for looking, and I hope you're inspired to think about your own soundtrack!