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Why do I use such SMALL photos? I get asked this A LOT!!!My answer is…because that's me. That's my style. I don't normally do a 1“x1” photo but everyonce and a white I'll create a layout with a tiny photo. My normal size that I scrap with is 2“ x 3” I have a lot of 4x6 photo paper and since I print from home I can get 2 photos out of one sheet. It works perfect. I also use small photos because I love white space. A 2“ x 3” photo on an 8 1/2“ x 11” layout is equivalent to a 4“ x 6” photo on a 12“ x 12” to me. (maybe a little smaller) So for those of you who LOVE to but 6 pictures on a layout or large photos, I LOVE that! Keep it up! But me…I'll stick with little photos ;)