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Several people have commented that I always seem to have just the right paper for my photos and wonder just what my stash looks like. Well here it is. I *may* have just a bit of a paper obsession. I love mixing patterns and I often spend way too much time finding the perfect paper to go with my photos.

I store my papers in these plastic paper holders from Cropper Hopper and each one holds about 200 sheets (although I am pretty sure I have some of them stuffed with way more than that). I have 19 of them full of Bazzill Cardstock and 33 of them full of patterned paper. My friends joke that I literally have a scrapbook store in my basement and it is somewhat true.

The shelves are a closet organization system that I found that is the perfect height for 12x12 scrapping. For more details on my scraproom and how I organize my paper, please visit my blog post: