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Life Lessons and Add On by Taylormade
Est. by Taylormade and Paislee Press
Bits and Pieces by Sue Cummings

#9 Enriching Diversity
As I child, I was convinced friendship was defined by two best friends who did everything together and liked all the same things. Needless to say, I very rarely had friendships like this. In fact, this broken perception often caused me to loose many friends and often feel isolated.
Maybe this is obvious, but it took until I was an adult to fully be able to embrace this concept- diversity enriches friendships!
Having friends with different ideas, theologies, and backgrounds may occasionally take more work, but it always adds more than you give. Perhaps it is human nature to avoid those who think differently, feel differently, or speak differently, but once we open up, those friends deepen our understandings and enrich our perceptions more than we could have ever found on our own. Be open to friend ships with those who may be different, but who will truly value you and your differences!