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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my BOM layout for a challenge I posted on one of my MSN groups. You were to discuss the pros and cons of being a woman, and whether you were glad to be a woman.
I printed the words to the song B*tch by Meredith Brooks on the light blue cardstock as a background.
My journaling reads:
"Some days being a woman is a burden. I gladly would have let my husband go through labor pains, and the subsequent recovery from the C-section, when I had my son. Each month, I dread the emotional weepy mess I become for a day or two. And I've felt the double standard of being a woman in the work place.
But there are benefits to being a girl, too. I have the inalienable right to change my many times as needed. I've been known to flirt myself a free drink or two. I get to have a beautiful diamond wedding ring and wear pretty dresses when I feel like it. I can surprise people by having an analytical mind, being good at math and with directions. I have friendships that are deep and meaningful and where I can bare my soul to another woman, and better yet, can listen to her without thinking I need to find a solution for every problem. And best of all, I'm a MOTHER."